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Where it all begins

The Problems of acoustics

Health, Productivity and efficiency

One of the greatest challenges facing offices & interactive environments is the high level of noise. Research shows this strongly affects not only our health, but also our working habits, for example:

15-30 %

decrease in

67 %

decrease in
work accuracy

76 %

of dissatisfied employees
overhear other conversations
The sound analysis step is often ignored because people believe they are saving time and money. As a result, the inappropriate type and quantity of acoustic products can lead to poor results that subsequently require retrofitting. Hiring a professional acoustician can solve this problem, although this requires high measurement costs and several project phases until the final acoustic concept is presented. If the final concept is not implemented, there are still costs for the acoustic measurement.
All these factors lead to high costs and time inefficient project phases, that can be solved by VQ-ANALYTICS.

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Because acoustics matter

Our solution

Calculate, plan and design soundproof spaces

We may introduce - the VRASQA solution. A combination of a revolutionary soundanalysis software combined with a smart marketplace.


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Discover our library of articles covering everything from room acoustics,
impacts of acoustics, product categories and implementation in spaces.
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About us

our Values


We provide outstanding software and service based on the most up-to-date acoustic standards found in Germany and Austria as well as providing you with trusted acoustic furniture.


We aim to push boundaries and continue to innovate beyond the software we are developing in order to bring positive change to your rooms.


We care about the effects of unwanted noise on people and we want to ensure we provide a solution for interior designers in order to solve wisely noise impacts.
About us

our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with time and cost efficient acoustic solutions ensuring it is an important aspect for all interior design projects. Through our B2B marketplace and our sound analysis software we will raise awareness about room acoustics and connect the best acoustic solutions to you.
About us

our vision

Our vision is to connect people through acoustic solutions to create healthier and more productive spaces. We aim to revolutionize sound analysis solutions for the future of work and living spaces.

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