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VRASQA is the perfect tool for manufacturers and interior planners to plan and sell acoustic concepts within minutes - not weeks.

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Acoustic calculation

According to your national

New way of pitching

Acoustic reports and auralization -
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Product suggestion

VRASQA recommends the perfect
type and quantity of products.

Easy as 1-2-3

Scientific knowledge is no
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Eliminate long sales cycles.

With our software, manufacturers eliminate long sales cycles by introducing their interior planner network to an entirely new world of selling room acoustic products. Given this new independence for interior planners to plan themselves, manufacturers can focus more on what they love and stand for: designing aesthetically pleasing and noise-efficient furniture.


Create room acoustic concepts yourself.

For interior planners, it has never been easier to create room acoustic concepts. Complicated scientific knowledge is no longer necessary when all that is required is the room data and challenges of their clients. This makes it possible to effectively engage with clients by planning soundproof rooms within minutes. Are you selling products from more than one brand? No problem, simply mix and match from a variety of manufacturers. All that’s left is to pick the perfect products, pitch them, and propose your price quotation!


How it works

Create a new space.

With just a few clicks enter the room’s purpose, dimensions, and surface materials and VRASQA does the rest. You can also define a room acoustics standard, so our software can calculate accordingly.


Choose the perfect products.

After entering all the relevant information of your room, our software recommends specific products and their quantity, which fit your room’s needs best. From there you can easily choose the products you like and see your room acoustics change in real time.


Hear the difference.

Play around with different combinations of products to see how your room’s acoustics change. It becomes even more impressive when you use the auralisation function to hear how the room sounds now and after the treatment.


„For a few months now, we have been able to actively support the young startup VRASQA with our know-how in the development of their acoustic calculator. Particularly impressive is the uncomplicated cooperation with a highly motivated team, which brings a maximum of innovation to light. We see great potential in the application of the final product, as there is a great need among planners and retailers alike to be able to deal with the topic of room acoustics in a simple way and to be able to perform acoustic calculations quickly and reliably.“

Stefan Schütz
Creation Baumann and Acoustic Pearls
Managing Director Germany and Austria

A start-up spreads the irrepressible inspiration of innovation and the enthusiasm to create something new.VRASQA turns a complex task into a simple one. Interdisciplinary collaboration comes together on one solution The user is provided with an implementable result at a fraction of the time required so far.With VRASQA we see quite quickly where our acoustic product solutions fit the needs of the market. If there is a large common intersection, this results in profitable sales for us. Opposite results are helpful feedback for the need to adapt our product portfolio.

mag. thomas Hellweg, mba
Head of Sales Austria


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